And here we go again, it is 2am

I just posted about insomnia. And here it is, 2 am and I am wide awake, with a clearer brain than I have during daylight hours.

so, is this low fat the reason? Is my body waking at 2 am most mornings because my sugar levelah have crashed. Is my sudden need for fruit, jam on toast and glass of bubbles, really my body and brain crying out for either fat or sugar to keep my brain functioning?

Type A personality that I sever need a solution. So, later today I will have breakfast – an unnatural time wasting occurrence for me. It will either have egg or nuts. I will also drink 600ml of water as I take those stupid pills. I will eat something at noonish. And have a bag of nuts and dried fruit in my bag to snack on. And, I will only have one glass of wine over the weekend.

Today’s foggy brain was an 8 out of ten. Kids were telling me about their day and I have no ideas what they said. If I didn’t take notes of a conversation, it was lost. I couldn’t recall receiving an important email, but once resent it was all clear. I have had one night without waking up this week. Haven’t had breakfast or lunch once. Barely drunk any water.

ill monitor progress here, mainly because if I don’t, I will probably forget. Goodnight.


2 thoughts on “And here we go again, it is 2am

  1. Wow! I “crash” everyday about this time. I struggling now not to take a nap which is almost impossible, as I will eventually fall on my face. The problem is, if I nap, I’ll be awake all night. Actually, if I fight through the crash, I’ll be up all night anyway. Hmmm, I guess this is insomnia! What do I do?

  2. So sorry for your discomfort. I have information on insomnia and foggy brains, and will do a post just on this topic – hopefully on Friday 6/29/13. But in mean time, try these few things: reduce or stop any alcohol [wine etc.] – it disrupts sleep later in night; no sleeping pills – they don’t really give good sleep and have many bad side effects; reduce or stop nicotine – it seems calming but really stimulates body; reduce or stop caffeine – it stimulates body and nerves long after taking; no junk foods especially in evening; eat breakfast every morning especially cooked or raw oat meal [1 cup old fashioned oats with 4 chopped dates, 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds, 1 tablespoon raw organic almonds or walnuts, 1 tablespoon raw organic sunflower seeds, some grapes or other favorite fruit, mix and then pour on favorite non-dairy milk or fruit juice. Cover and refrigerate overnight. In morning add sliced banana or apples; eat big salads with lunch and dinner [use Romaine lettuce]; exercise daily to get heartbeat up for 30 minutes. Don’t neglect this! Or take a short easy-going walk after dinner for 30 minutes; an hour before bed take a very warm bath with 2 lbs. Epsom Salt – it will help relax body and pull out toxins [toxins can irritate brain nerves and cause insomnia]; eat less meats of all kinds especially close to bedtime; take 1 tablespoon blackstrap molasses every morning and evening – for potassium, calcium and iron; and every day you must get some sunlight.
    Also wanted to thank you for stopping by Mutley’s Great Adventure and liking What Did You Do? Take good care.

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