When attitude is everything

My wrist hurts. I lose grip on things. Is it too much ipading? RSI? Or the insidious MS?

i can’t remember my new work number or work mobile. Or the number for my interstate team members who I ring countless times each day. Is it age? Or is it foggy brain MS?

after a week of sleep, two nights of insomnia. Is it just a hard week of work and uni starting again? Or is it …

In the absence of proof either way, attitude becomes everything. I chose to believe wrist all the typing, spreadsheeting and use if Idevices is behind my wrist. I chose to believe that my work and uni fills my brain with so many important facts, that phone numbers don’t count. I chose to believe that sleep will come when I am tired.

I chose to believe that attitude if not everything, is not nothing. And while I can, I will run upstairs in high heels and not just push boundaries, but smash them.