When does career ambition become just a job

So, when does career ambition, climbing the corporate ladder become just a job. Turn up, do stuff, collect pay.

When MS raises its ugly head.

Or does it? I recently applied for a role on my bucket list. Many applied and I was one of three interviewed. If successful long hours and high stress. Against doctors orders. Stress equals adrenalin equals lower immune system equals MS relapse.

Those of us with RRMS don’t know our future. Will it progress? When is our next relapse? When is the beginning of our end?

The decision I made is right for me and right for me today. I enjoy my career and I am not ready to just have a job. I have more to contribute. More challenges to overcome. Unsuccessful on this occasion, I was encouraged to apply for promotions. So I will. One day I may be sitting on the deck at home (I would prefer a beach) and thinking about all the things I can’t do. Will I look back and be happy I pushed the envelope, and lived life – family and career? Or will I look back and wonder, what if.

Family is important. As tiring as it is following 3 sport mad kids around on weekends, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Study is important, but I won’t strive for perfection. And career is important. There will be time for a job, but that time is not now.