Who would have thought – relaxing bath on doctors orders!

Another busy day in paradise. Kids to school, get to work by 9. Grab something to eat around 3, keep working til 8pm. Came home, ate and hugged husband and kids.

Then, my I remembered doctors orders.

Stress = adrenalin = more RRMS relapse.

So, kids asleep and I ran a nice, relaxing bath. Self-indulgent. Relaxing. Doctors orders.



Destress or remain distressed

This week I am going to follow doctors orders. Call it chillax or de-stress. I am going to try Mindfullness. I will count to ten at least twice a day. I will do the 60 second exercise in between meetings.

Join me? There are heaps of sites. This is one that was plain English enough for this newbie.