My Swankish Diet 8kilos in 3 months

Swankish diet was never about losing weight. It is the only control I have over this stupid disease. It wasn’t easy, giving up my beloved chips and gravy, hamburgers, nachos, cheese cheese and more cheese, and limiting red meat.

Breakfast is one or two pieces of fruit. Grab on the way out the door and eat on way to work.

Snack during the day is a cranberry and nut mix. 

Lunch is either tuna on cruskitt or a piece of grilled fish. Still dislike fish, but it is becoming a habit.

Dinner is now fish or salmon twice a week, kangaroo once a week, pork and chicken with only one or two red meat – low fat cuts such as rump. With heaps of vegetables.

Other snacks are jam on toast, cupcake.

Havent gotten around to exercise, but still 8 kilos weight loss in 3 months is a bonus. If I am going to consider cup half full, this is it.


Same life through new eyes

My life isn’t change with my MS diagnosis. But the way I view my life changed.

I take the stairs. Not because of slow lifts, but because I enjoy being able to. At work, I can chose the lifetime or chose the stairs. I feel the muscles in my legs. It feels good.

I gave up fried food. Chips and gravy. Hamburgers. I miss them. Apples, bananas, fish just aren’t the same. But giving up fried food has had a benefit. 10% body weight just gone. Waist has returned. Cheekbones rediscovered. Jeans fit. It feels good.

my brain is clear. I can read, recall, think and analyse. I don’t take it for granted. A month ago I read a page and forgot what it was as soon as the page was turned. I am loving the clarity of thought. It feels good.

Thanks to MS, I have a chance to live again. To see my life through new eyes. And that feels good.