Graceful living to the end

There are three women I think of as role models. The first was diagnosed and beat breast cancer. But when it came back into her bones, she knew it was a matter of time. She had a loving husband and three daughters. Her long term goal wasn’t to be at their wedding, it was to see them reach high school. In the meantime, she wrote them letters, built scrapbooks so that as they grew without her she would still be there. Her final year was best provide happy memories that would hold them longer than she could.

Another mother had her first bought with cancer when her daughter was a baby. She has fought the good fight and with her daughter now in mid high school, the fight is nearly over. But she still volunteers, chauffeurs girls around the soccer field and is a positive light. I don’t know how she does it. I am sure there must be dark and angry days. I am sure she has had days screaming ‘why me’, but she glows with inner grace and beauty.

The third woman is my age. Her children are the same age as mine. I have served on committees with her husband. He is lovely, she is so very nice and warm, the kids are just the loveliest joyous kids to be around. Cancer invaded her a couple of years ago. Since then she has been on all manners of chemo, flushed with it, surgeries. Remission comes and goes. When it goes, she gets them zapped. When she is in remission, she and the family live and enjoy life. Unspoken is time. Unspoken is the grace and prayer and positive outlook her whole family possess.

these three women are my role models. I pray that they continue to extract every joyous moment from life.